Context conceptualized a platform to communicate with and educate the next generation of growers. The strategy was to increase sales by educating their customers as to which products they should use and how to apply them at the right time.


Scotts was looking to improve sales by increasing their e-commerce presence. They wanted to connect with an audience that would purchase lawn and garden materials online and leverage the growing digital commerce trend.

Through research we were able to better understand the marketplace for users purchasing large garden related items online and the logistics around delivery, costs and expectations that they might have.


After reviewing how consumers purchase garden supplies, we determined that only a minimal impact could be made through ecommerce. The customer call center data uncovered a large amount of current customers do not repeat their purchases due to a lack of perceived success. The opportunity was to improve their success through further education that would allow their repeat business to drive increased revenue.


To increase brand awareness and value with a younger audience, we suggested that Scotts leverage the ever growing smart home (IoT) space and utilize technology to connect customers directly with theirs lawns and gardens. This would help install confidence in the beginner gardener that they are succeeding. In addition to users benefitting from the data, Scotts would now have a clear picture about their users, environments, application methods and specific knowledge around what steps might be causing specific issues.



A mobile application that would serve as a companion guide and lead customers through a step by step process towards successful projects by utilizing data and technology to help manage their expectations. The strategy outlined a multi-year plan for introducing the education component and then expanding the platform for Scotts to create and own the connected yard space.

Startup and place
your sensor.
Launch the app and
create an account.
Tell GRO what you would like to do.

  • Targeted to your yard. Your yard isn’t any yard. It has its own climate and terrain. Gro shares the ideas that really work.
  • Personalized guidance. Gardening is a lot easier when you take it From watering to weeding we know your plants’ needs and we’ll nudge you when it’s time to meet them.
  • Leverages local data. From soil conditions to bug populations, Gro gathers data about your very own patch of earth and turns it into information you can use to care for and enhance your yard.