Context helped Cloudbreak innovate on their core telemedicine product Martti, to offer remote video interpretation. We defined and designed the next generation of the product, including UX, UI and workflows the interpretation staff use to interact with patients.


Martti’s purpose is to remove language and communication barriers during healthcare encounters. The previous version presented experience issues that distracted from core features.

Context was asked to review the goals of all users types and define the next evolution of the product that would provide a clear, simple and effective user experience.


Upon reviewing the workflows for both the Cloudbreak staff and the end users, common errors, bottlenecks and ineffective tools were identified. Reviewing the full documentation of all the workflows allowed for the stakeholders to better understand what an effective telemedicine call could look like.

The opportunity was to resolve the issues within key use cases and eliminate the points of failure. Also by applying a new visual language to the experience, the visual presence was upgraded and interactions were optimized.


The product experience was focused on the platform rather than the needs of the users (patients and clinicians) so we tailored the interface to meet their expectations.

Establishing consistent design patterns and streamlining workflows allowed us to eliminate mistakes and delays at critical moments in the users journey in the upgraded version.

Fast, secure login
Communication tools to cross language barriers
Easy to use selection screen


The newly evolved Martti interface eliminates opportunities for confusion and presents interactions more clearly. This more modern experience moves the product and brand forward with a simple, easy-to-use telemedicine interpretation product.

  • Easy to Use in High Pressure Environments: Few places are more frenetic than an Emergency Room. That’s why Martti is designed with one-touch simplicity for the most commonly used languages.
  • Reduce Mistakes, Increase Efficiency: Language barriers can result in confusion and mistakes, as well as slowing down patient treatment. The Martti experience makes sure patients are understood, the first time.
  • Device Agnostic: Hospitals are often overwhelmed with technology, we help avoid adding another device by developing an experience that can leverage what hospitals already have in place.
  • Competitive Features: The user experience becomes the competitive differentiator, designed specifically for language encounters in the fast-paced healthcare setting.

Andy Panos

Chief Operations Officer