Context helped Nationwide produce a mobile sales toolkit that allowed their wholesalers to better communicate their product’s value and share product comparisons more effectively with Independent Insurance Agents.

The Problem

The Nationwide sales materials were in the form of printed documents and spreadsheets for data calculations. Their team was searching for an efficient, higher quality sales experience for their wholesalers. One that would generate more interest and further discussions about their products.

Through a discovery session, with the Nationwide team, we gained an understanding of how a typical interaction occurs between wholesalers and agents. This allowed us to identify key opportunities where their story could be amplified.


The quest to align the goals of the agent, the audience, and the goals of the Wholesaler, the user, resulted in the definition of a simple interface that clearly communicated the important information.

The opportunity identified was to provide an application that Wholesalers could carry with them to meetings and quickly demonstrate the performance levels of several products. The goal was to leverage interactive story telling that visually validated the figures being discussed.

The Final Product

The Nationwide Annuity Lab allows Wholesalers to quickly enter a few key variables and generate a product comparison they can use during a sales visit. Once created, a comparison can be saved for quick recall at a later time or shared with the agent via pdf.

  • A Simple Experience: The experience needed to make it extremely easy for a wholesaler to quickly create product cards for living benefit products and annuities and compare them.
  • Works Anywhere: Make it work offline – like a simple calcuator.
  • Device and Audience Specific: All of Nationwides wholesalers use iPads so we focused the UX and design for iPad screen sizes at first and then moved to mobile and desktop.
  • Save and Share: Allow the wholesalers to save and share the product comparisons with advisors.

Sarah Betts Jacobs

Sr. Product Consultant